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Why Hire MI Selfie Events

1. The Selfie Machine Photo Booth the Perfect Marketing Platform for your Business or Cause

 The addition of a selfie machine photo booth is  valuable beyond just the fun and entertainment provided to your guests.  It doubles as an effective platform that harnesses the power of brand  recognition and social media to bring attention  to a cause. Do you want to reach a wider audience via the power of a  selfie? Via the connectedness of today's most wildly popular social  platforms, like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, your brand,  non-profit cause or political message can leave an impression  with guests as well as all of their social media followers. Mi Selfie  Events has turned 40 selfies into 1500 Facebook views for one event.  Lets do the math! If 100 of your guests partake in a selfie photo booth  session, your brand could be seen on Facebook  or Twitter thousands of times. Enhance your branding effectiveness by: Adding your company’s logo to the background or foreground of the photos. Connecting the event photos to your social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and others. Presenting guests with an opportunity to enter their email and other information. 

2. Leave a Lasting Impression with Guests

 In modern context, if a picture is worth a thousand  words, a selfie tells a more personal story. Write your own when you  rent a selfie machine photo booth from MI Selfie Events for your next  get-together. Selfie machines are perfect for  any event, from weddings to birthday parties—even fundraisers. holiday  parties and work events. Its a fun perk that plays on the selfie  phenomenon to bring guests together, documents the evening for both the  host and the attendees, and leaves every one with  a playful momenti,   MI Selfie Events from Flint, MI will travel to you,  set up the Selfie Machine Photo Booth and guide your guest toward  selfie bless. By considering add-on options, you can give your guests a  hard copy or electronic photo files from your  event—or both! Other add-ons include party props or a green screen for  fun backgrounds. 

3. Choose from a Variety of Custom Photo Booth Package Options

 Flint, Michigan’s MI Selfie Events brings the machine, the attendant and  a variety of customized additions to allow you to tailor the selfie  experience to best suit your guests. This is why the selfie machine  photo booth can be the perfect  addition for any event - a timeless wedding, a corporate event or a  child's birthday party. It may be your parents are using our onsite  printer to commemorate their champagne toast, or a handful of kids in  front of the green screen embodying their favorite  superhero, or even your work team snapping shots with fun props at the  office holiday party. Whatever you choose, your guests will have a blast  with our selfie machine photo booth. 

About our Photo booth business

Post to Twitter and Facebook

What sets us apart from other photo booth businesses is not only our green screen technology that allows to put any background on your photos, but you can instantly send photos to Twitter and Facebook. 

Instantly email and text photos

You and your guests can instantly send photos to themselves or others via text and email right from your event.

We want to be a part of your specials events and add to the celebration to help make beautiful memories.

With our custom templates, green screen background technology, professional lighting, and social media sharing capabilities, MI Selfie Events can create a unique and fun photo booth experience that will provide you and your guests memories for years to come.

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